Understand Automation with New Games

Understand Automation with New Games

There are new games under development for people to help them understand semi-autonomous vehicles. These games are available in multiplayer mode using the internet. The game allows the drivers to understand how technology works and how users can leverage them. Moreover, the games are helpful for the users as they are helping them to understand the behavior of new cars and how they shall interact in the future. The games are developed by scientists at the University of Waterloo. Currently, the game allows three players at a time and is under further development for the addition of more players. Furthermore, scientists have created three games for the entertainment of the people.

How shall these Games Back the Development of Autonomous Cars?

The semi-autonomous vehicles require the presence of human intervention. This is just to monitor the operations of the vehicles and sometimes guide it through heavy traffic. However, humans shall take some time to get in sync with the new technology. Hence, it is very important for companies to educate drivers with the knowledge and insights regarding the functions of semi-autonomous vehicles. With the help of these games, the researchers intend to provide the necessary education to the users about the whereabouts of the autonomous vehicles.

According to scientists the games can be played in the same car or connecting another car over the internet. The three games are Billiards, Killerball, and Decoration. Players can play these games on the windscreen of cars. This allows the user to be relieved from the burden of constantly looking at the road, especially at night.

Although the games are complex to look for but are extremely entertaining. These games allow the users to understand the traffic condition in that region. Also, the games can train users to improve their driving quality and can be a great asset to businesses.

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