The Gravity Game: Advancement in Cancer Treatment

The Gravity Game: Advancement in Cancer Treatment

Going to space is an adventure, few get to experience. But, it comes with certain physiological changes and health risks. For example, exposure to solar radiation is high and so is exposure to cosmic rays. Physiologically, eyesight is impacted and bones and muscles degenerate. Sometimes, changes happen genetically.

But this is not the whole picture as there are benefits of microgravity on human body. As per a research by Gr. Joshua Chou it seems likely that cancer is treatable using microgravity. Dr. Chou is a senior lecturer in University of Technology Sydney, Department of Biomedical Engineering. And, his study involves understanding link of cells and medicine in humans with microgravity.

He and his team are set to journey to ISS to test their treatment for cancer based on microgravity.

About the Study:

It started in 2014 and the inspiration came from renowned scientist Late Dr. Stephen Hawking. Here, it is important to note that in one of the conversation, Hawking mentioned that nothing defies gravity. And, this statement struck a chord and left an impression. Later, when Dr. Chou’s friend battled cancer, the scientist wondered if cancer cells behaved differently in gravity less environ.

It is noteworthy here that cancer cells divide and spread in body to invade healthy tissues. But, no one knew when that point arrives. Even though, there is a mechanism of forces that help cells sense one another. So, biomedical researcher realizes that forces evolve. Thus, here, forces surely learnt to evolve in the presence of gravity.

And, this led Dr. Chou to feel that absence of gravity might obstruct the spread of malignant cells.  It aids in impeding the dividing ability of these cells. It is also pertinent that Dr. Chou previously worked with medical research related to space. And, when he was at Harvard, he created an osteoporosis drug.

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