Scientists Make New Inroads in Discovery of Hydrogen Fuels

Scientists Make New Inroads in Discovery of Hydrogen Fuels

Hydrogen fuel has long been a dream for many scientists around the world. Chances are it as close as reality as perhaps electric cars are today. Researchers from the University of California and Illinois are working hard to turn this dream into a reality.

The chemists from these universities are trying to replicate nature’s most efficient machinery. The professor is using the biological synthesis process to create a new line of commercial hydrogen gas. The gas is certainly a jewel in the crown of sustainable fuels. However, its complicated industrial processes have kept it away from millions. The new research can pave the way for a global renaissance of sustainable energy. The researchers have published their findings in the National Academy of science.

The complex nature of the current industrial process limits the growth of hydrogen as a fuel. This isn’t a surprise to many. This has been its downfall for years now. However, new methods continue to succumb to the complexities of the process. The biological synthesis promises new opportunities over the current human-made process. The co-author of this study, Thomas Rauchfuss has a lot of faith in its potential.

Perhaps a New Catalyst in the Making?

His team will be utilizing biological enzymes and promise new inroads in the process of burning hydrogen fuel. They will be working on the iron-iron variety of hydrogen, which is known to be far more efficient than the nickel-iron variety.

The team is unsure of the real-application of their discovery, a new insight into the hydrogen gas-producing process. However, the new process is likely to provide new means to envision the production of hydrogen gas. The newer process will be far more powerful than anything we have seen before. It could also make way for new catalysts for the production of hydrogen gas.

So, if you have been waiting for a future laden with hydrogen fuel, we are a step closer!

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