Robots Promise to Be the Best Help Elderly Patients Can Get This Summer

A team of researchers from Columbia have come up with a robotic assistance, which helps patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. The injuries make it difficult to sit down if one doesn’t adhere to the proper posture. The robots promise to help patients with SCIs overcome the challenge with measurements like active trunk control.

The research published in the Spinal Cord Series and Cases is the first to measure trunk control of its kind. The research relied on findings from patients with wheel chair to understand potential dangers such as falling. Furthermore, the research makes way for maximizing trunk movements by measuring balance limits, and suggesting changes to postural control.

The lead author of the study, Sunil Agarwal said the researcher used TruST, a model to assist and train people with disabilities. And, there is a great need of advanced care in this segment

Cardiovascular Disease Emerges as a Major Concern

Spinal Cord Injuries, or SCIs are a growing cause of concern worldwide. The rising obesity in urban areas, growing sedentary lifestyle, and growing cases of SCIs are driving this change. SCI cases in the US next year will likely go up to 17,000. Last year, the cases grew at 13% from the previous year. In 2020, the cases are expected to rise at 17% as compared to the ones in 2019.

The rising threats of cardiovascular injuries raises some potent questions about lifestyle at large. For example, some of the most chronic diseases in the US include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The rise in fast-food culture, lack of exercise, and worsening environmental conditions are expected to exacerbate situation, especially for the elderly. Increased awareness about health, and sedentary lifestyle are need of the hour

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