Removal of Tongue Fat can Cure Sleep Apnea

“Sound mind resides in a sound body”, we have come across this proverb infinite times in our lives so far. This phenomenon or proverb holds appropriately correct as our minds need sufficient rest to rejuvenate the lost energy. However, some people who are dealing with obesity and overweight may face serious problems while sleeping. These people have to deal with heavy breathing, elevated blood pressure and most importantly, sleep apnea. According to statistics, the U.S. loses more than 200,000 people due to sleep apnea every year. Since the cause of this condition is unknown, the researchers are not able to derive an effective cure. Not until now!

The researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with the result of their study. According to the study, the condition of sleep apnea can be taken care of by reducing the fat from the tongue. Yes! from the tongue. As per the Richard Schwab, the chief of sleep medicines, the study can help businesses developing therapeutics that can remove the excess fat from the tongue and help the patient recover from sleep apnea. Hence the study can be of great importance for the pharmaceutical companies who are willing to dominate the market.

What Stimulated the Need for Such Therapeutics?

According to previous surveys by the University of Pennsylvania, it was clear that a cure for sleep apnea is imminent. This stimulated Richard Schwab and teams to examine the patients and various stages when the fat is gradually reduced. During the experiment, the results spoke for themselves. When the patients with the lowest fast on the tongue were the ones who were mostly cured. As a result of this experiment, researchers took a small leap in the future to cure the condition of sleep apnea in the obese patients.

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