Precision Technologies to Improve the Health

The majority of the non-communicable diseases out of genetic, environmental, and psychological, are due to unhealthy eating. Due to the hectic life schedule and ever-busy work life, the consumption of healthy food has become very rare. The people who are at the receiving end are between the age of 22 to 40 years. This has also become a major reason that the deaths due to non-communicable diseases have surpassed the mark of 41 million in a year.

However, to improve and enhance the consumption of healthy foods, scientists believe that precision technologies can be the solution. They state that technologies like IoT and Machine Learning can improve the living standard of the people. This shall reduce deaths due to non-communicable diseases in the future.

How can Precision Technologies be Helpful?

Researchers believe that precision technologies can provide essential data to the consumer about the items that he is eating. The technologies can also predict the status of health in the next few days depending upon his consumption. This active monitoring is can help consumers improve their health and life expectancy. Moreover, the use of technologies in health monitoring can also predict the amount of nutrients that one should intake depending upon the structure of the body.

Which Technologies can Help the Consumer?

To provide better living status, the researchers believe AI and IoT are the best technologies to rely upon. AI or artificial intelligence allows the monitoring devices to predict the outcome well in advance and help the consumer to take necessary steps. It can also calculate vital KPIs of the human body and detect any anomaly that can affect the human body adversely.

The second piece of technology is IoT or the internet of things. This technology allows modern wearable devices to collect data from body vitals such as blood pressure and pulse rate. These vital signs change significantly when a body consumes food. Hence it gets highly crucial for the body to measure these parameters. Hence IoT also plays a major role in improving the life-style of the consumers.

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