New Online Health Assistant routes Patients for Right Medical Care

As the use of Internet becomes increasingly common for health-related questions, the challenge to find the right source of information continues. To address this, the staff at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin witnessed opportunity to provide solution for easy navigation to health systems. Nonetheless, key priority of health systems is to enable individuals to connect with the same in a simple manner. The aim of health systems is to provide access points for traditional as well as virtual care. And for individuals to obtain right care in the least possible time.

Meanwhile, traditional self-service care navigation mostly does not provide alternative for individuals for whom classical care pathway is not suitable. And options mostly available for such patients tend to present variable results.

To address this, a team at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin sought to provide a trustworthy tool for individuals. The tool would help patients decide the order of their medical treatment, and enable them to connect with right medical care at right time.

Buoy Health’s Product features Navigation for Appropriate Care

In pursuit of this team, the team of health workers sought help from health vendor Buoy Health. Buoy Assistant – the health assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) provides information and guidance to patients while navigating them for suitable care.

Buoy Health’s technology solution is an AI-powered virtual triage tool. The tool is available for individual use via Froedtert’s website. The advantage of the tool is provides care to suit individual terms, builds trust, propels growth, and drives operational efficiencies. It does so by increasing referrals and navigating individuals to appropriate place of care.

On the other hand, the health system sought an easy and convenient way for connecting with the community. The health system sought connection at the front door of care.

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