Millions Won’t have to Swallow Their Pride – A Cheap New Device Promises Cure

Millions of people experience severe swallowing disorders every year. These disorders including the like dysphagia can make swallowing food, medicines, and even breathing air difficult. The problem is especially concerning as it affects over 500,000 children in United States, and millions of elderly.

Researchers from Perdue University promise a possible cure for the swallowing disorder with their new discovery. Its sensors can detect over 30 muscles. Successful swallowing requires over six pairs of cranial nerves, 30 muscles of neck, and head, and complex and precise coordination of their circuitry.

Concrete Insights into Swallowing Disorders

One of the major benefit of the new device is it is disposable. Its inexpensive components, and its 10 times use before being disposed can be highly useful for clinical trials. The device will record large amounts of data for analysis for doctors and pass on critical information to provide more accurate diagnosis for the swallowing disorder. The new insights will likely help doctors detect the disease much earlier, and more accurately to come with an appropriate solution.

There are many devices on the market which promise a solution. However, these are often expensive, and prohibit their expansion into rural areas. The new device promise a more effective application with more patient-friendly approach, and affordable treatment. The study published in the Science Advances journal on December 13.

According to Lee, the lead-author of the study, the device is specifically created to work with intricate and small muscles. His team has packed the new device to be flexible, and stretchable with curvilinear head, and the skin. The device embeds more rigid components than many other devices available, and electronic chips as well.

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