Identify the Status of Your Body with New Sweat pH Monitor

The researchers from the National University of Singapore have come up with an effective and in-budget sweat pH monitor. The new solution is an add-on over a wearable device and monitors the pH level of human sweat. Though the solution is cost-effective, the key highlight is the real-time monitoring of human health. Moreover, the ease of integration, management, and maintenance also make the new solution stand ahead of the curve. Additionally, with the help of the new device, a user shall be able to his/her health in real-time.

What Inspired the Researchers to Develop this Device?

According to the researchers, present wearable devices can monitor KPIs such as heartbeat, and blood pressure. However, none was able to provide an accurate status of the human body. Moreover, it was difficult for the developers to develop devices as they were unaware of which KPI to monitor. With present developments in medical science, scientists now know that sweat carries vital information that can elaborate on the status of the human body. Hence the scientists came up with a revolutionary solution that can monitors the pH level of human sweat. This allows the care providers to have real-time information about the functioning of the human body and help them develop effective therapeutics.

Why pH in Human Sweat is So Informative?

pH levels are the best way to identify the anomaly in the human body. When the body is functioning properly, the pH levels are neutral, that is they have pH value as 0. However, when there is something wrong with the body function, the pH levels show massive deflections on the monitors. This allows care providers to identify the current state of the human body. Moreover, the amount of minerals that are present in human sweat also provides massive information about the body. This also reason helps the care providers to develop better treatment and therapeutics for the patients.

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