FDA Clearance for First Generic Blood Thinner Promises to be a Major Game-changer

The first generic version of popular Eliquis, or Apixaban will reach critically ill patients in the United States. Additionally, FDA approved the blood thinner can be a game-changer with its low-cost feature.

According to Janet Woodcock, director of FDA, the new generic version exemplifies FDA’s commitment towards rising concern of patients. The blood thinner will cater to two distinguished categories of patients including those who suffer from strokes, and patients with atrial fibrillation. The number of patients suffering from this condition continues to rise. The growing epidemic of obesity, lifestyle trends like lack of exercise, and fatty foods are partially to blame.

As per estimates, there are over 3 to 6 million patients suffering from atrial fibrillation condition in United States. Moreover, the condition is likely to impact millions more around the world, thanks to increased correlation between obesity, and urbanization. Even in developing countries like India, the rising urbanization has led to a lack of exercise, and rise in obesity has followed.

Furthermore, the newly approved generic version is a promising note for the rising epidemic. Additionally, it promises to treat stroke, deep vain thrombosis, and vulvular atrial fibrillation, some of the leading causes of fatalities globally.

In atrial fibrillation, patients can experience heart beats which are not in sync. The rhythmic disorder increases blood clotting. Furthermore, according to the FDA, many Americans with atrial fibrillation disorder use the anti-clotting, and anticoagulants like the new generic version. The medicine promises to reduce risks, and begins the journey of many more generic medicines for widespread application.

Potential Side Effects

There are many risks associated with the products too. The product can lead to increased risk of blood clots forming inside a blood vessel. Moreover, if patients stop using the medicine a little early than anticipated, it can result in a stroke.

Also the medicine can result in side-effects for patients with prosthetic hearts. The risk is at similar levels with other approved anti-clotting drugs. The side effects can include fatal life-threatening bleeding, among others.

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