Copper can Make Strongest Metal Even Stronger

The current techniques for manufacturing medical tools using titanium are prone to cracks and fatigues. The production of medical instruments with the help of 3D printing often cool down abruptly. This results in fractures and cracks in the structure of the instruments. This challenge has been daunting the manufacturers for quite some time now. However, things are about to change now. To solve this challenge, the researchers from RMIT University’s School of Engineering, have come up with a new and stronger titanium copper alloy. This alloy is strong enough to restrict the fatigues in the medical instruments. This, as a result, can make the production of the medical instruments easy and cost-effective.

How Shall the New Alloy Help the Manufactures?

As per Professor Mark Easton, the new alloys allow the crystal grains to spread equally in every direction. This, unlike previous alloys, allow the molecules of titanium to exhibit better strength which, as a result, enhances the strength of the instruments. With the improved strength, the manufacturers can develop instruments that can serve multiple purposes in hospitals. Additionally, mixing copper with titanium also makes the production of the tools easy and cost-effective. Since titanium is rare and expensive, to find an effective alternative was a must for researchers.

The easy availability of copper also makes the production easy for the manufacturers. They have to spend less time in accumulating and processing the metal. This, as a result, reduces the production cost for the manufacturers and increases the profit margin for them. With, the new technology, medical instrument manufacturers can now serve a better purpose in the healthcare sector while making good money. All in all, 3D printing is a remarkable technology for healthcare. Now, with the help of titanium-copper alloy, it just got better.

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