Cadbury Wraps Solidarity in Chocolate Packaging to Drive Promotions

Cadbury is no stranger to delightful promotions. And, this week was no different in the UK. Cadbury announced a special limited-time packaging in the UK to talk about loneliness among the elderly. Additionally, the company also announced new packaging in New Zealand, and Australia featuring paper.

The company will start shipping out several of its imported products from Tasmania to New Zealand in paper packaging. The products will feature a fully-sealed paper material. The new move promises to take Cadburry away from its earlier packaging solutions involving laminate, plastics, and oils.

The attractive move for the environment isn’t a lone wolf act by any means. Earlier, this year its competitor, Nestle announced a range of chocolate products in attractive paper packaging named ‘Yes’ bars. The new products from Cadburry will also exhibit its fully-sealed packaging feature.

The Case for Elderly

On the other hand, the company has also announced that it will donate 30p from every bar sold to charity Age UK. According to Age UK, there are over 225,000 elderly who continue to suffer loneliness in silence in the UK. According to its estimates, some of these people go for weeks without speaking to another soul.

Cadburry’s new campaign, albeit a promotional campaign, promises to bring out the invisible nature of this silence behind the curtains. Cadburry’s new campaign will feature products with no text, but just images of two glasses pouring milk together.

The product design is really simple in appearance. It may be one of the cost-effective product design available in the market. The product design also makes way for interesting new ideas.

And, new ideas is perhaps the need of the hour for most companies. Earlier, McDonald’s had announced that it will shift away from plastic straws by 2020. Disposable plastics in the food and beverage sector continues to come under the ire of authorities, as it remains difficult to recycle.

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