Billions of Quantum entangled electrons in Strange Metal, finds study

Billions of billions of moving electrons display quantum entanglement in quantum critical material, finds a new study by U.S. and Austrian physicists. The study carried out at the Rice University and Vienna University of Technology is the strongest evidence till date of role of entanglement for quantum criticality. The study with its findings appear in Science of this week.

The research involved examining the electronic and magnetic behavior of a strange metal. The metal compound composed of ytterbium, silicon, and rhodium neared as well as passed through a critical transition. The transition is at the boundary of two well-studied quantum phases.

Mostly, small things associated with quantum entanglement. It is never associated with macroscopic objects. However, at a quantum critical point, nearness of things is at the next level. This provides the chance to visualize effects of entanglement even in metallic films. These metallic films contain billions and billions of quantum mechanical objects.

Creation of New Material involved Challenges

Prior to this, the research team overcame several challenges to obtain the result. To obtain this, researchers developed a highly complex technique for the synthesis of materials. It involved producing ultrapure films comprising one part ytterbium for every two parts of silicon and rhodium. At absolute zero temperature, the newly created material undergoes transition from one quantum phase to another that differ in terms of formation of magnetic order.

At the same time, another member of the study carried out terahertz spectroscopy experiments on films at extremely low temperatures. The teraherz measurements divulged the optical conductivity of the newly created material. Meanwhile, strange metals display unusual connection between temperature and electrical resistance, stated an expert of Solid State Physics. This material exhibits the phenomenon due to quantum fluctuations at absolute zero temperature.

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