Apple Plans Data Transmission Directly from Satellite

The tech giant in the world Apple is working on technology that shall allow it to transmit data using satellite. In order to develop this technology, Apple has hired software and aerospace engineers around the world. However, reports state that it is a stage one secrete project that can still end-up just being on papers. Nevertheless, the purpose of the team is to develop a communication technology efficient enough that can allow iPhones to transmit and receive data without any 3rd party intervention. As per Bloomberg, Apple shall not develop new satellite hardware. Rather the company is focusing on the development of connecting media that can effortlessly connect people across the globe.

How will the New Technology Help iPhone Users?

With the help of new technology, Apple is willing to establish uninterrupted connections for iPhone users. The tech can help the iPhone users to connect to their friends and family independent of the telecom services. It can also help improve the location sharing and finding services of the smartphone. This, as a result, shall provide a better user-experience to the iPhone users across the globe. Moreover, if the tech is successful, it shall make smartphone management, maintenance, and updating, highly cost-effective and efficient.

Challenges to Hamper the Development

It is noticeable that sidelining the carrier service altogether is not possible. This is because of the necessity of sending the signals to relay stations for further transmissions. However, Apple can use the underdeveloping technology by Lynk. The company is developing low-orbiting satellites that can enable the efficiency of Apple’s upcoming project. Moreover, the forthcoming technological advancements in communication industry can further help the tech giant to achieve this goal. However, as said earlier, this is just a stage one project and may end up just being that.

Till the tech is unveiled, let’s wait and watch, how Apple revolutionize the communication sector.


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