A New Hybrid Rocket Engine Promises to Touch Skies of Fuel Efficiency

Researchers at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering have developed an improved hybrid rocket engine. The new engine promises to solve an age-old problem regarding fuel efficiency and infuse fuels with high caloric value. The researchers at Tomsk company also played a role in the development.

The new hybrid engine exhibits newer fuel components which optimizes engines based on a new mathematical model. Later, they also developed dodecaboride, and aluminium diboride fuel compositions. These new compositions are one of the most promising areas in human quest for higher fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency is characterized by higher caloric value. However, it has remained problematic to decode due to dense oxide film forms. Earlier experiments with the films ended up in the bin as they met with a high degree of burning out. On the other hand, the new aluminium films increase energy, and burns well in line with the core needs of fuel efficiency.

Today, rockets technology around the world continues to be fuelled by aluminium and boron. However, according to researchers, their advancement is a game-changer for many reasons. They developed a synthesis of polyborides, which is much more effective, and unique in its nature. The team felt extremely pleased with their research as increasing fuel efficiency was one of the main goals of the project.

Promising Commercial Application

In order to increase the caloric count, the team relied on various research materials, and certifications. When they figured out the crux of the matter – the burning rate and caloric value, they applied these to the resulting fuel with the help of their partner. Chemical Technologies, their partner in the study promises to produce large scale varieties of mentioned borides and other compounds.

Fuel efficiency continues to remain the need of the hour for transport, and other logistics. However, apart from inventions like these, horizons of electric vehicles, and other development also bring out promising notes to a warming planet.

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