Garlic Powder Market : by Regional Analysis, Key Players and Forecast Value Share, Changing Competitive Dynamics 2018 – 2026

Garlic is native to Northeastern Iran and Central Asia. Garlic powder is a dehydrated and dust form of garlic, used as a seasoning ingredient all over the world. Garlic powder or garlic is also used as a traditional medicine in China and Egypt. China is the major producer of garlic powderwith around 80% of the world supply coming from there. Garlic powder is used in various dishes including pasta, grilled chicken, pizza, and many more to enhance the flavor. Garlic powder is a common spice in the Indian subcontinent and commonly known as Lahsun. It is also used commonly as a spice and condiment in other regions of the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Growing consumer consciousness over health has raised the demand for garlic powder globally as it is also used as a remedy for high cholesterol, heart diseases, cancer, etc.

In a 100 gm serving, garlic powder contains 17 gm of protein, 73 gm of carbohydrates, and 9 gm of dietary fiber. On a daily diet value of 2000 calories, it contains 31% iron, 8% calcium, 2% vitamin C, and 59% other nutrients. Due to a lot of benefits, garlic powder is highly utilized in nutraceuticals. Garlic powder has immense applications in food and health care industries. These have created ample demand among consumers worldwide and is expected to drive the garlic powder market.

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There is a massive demand for garlic powder due to its abundant applications in food and healthcare industries. Garlic powder is used to heal wounds, cure cough as well as flu, and many infectious diseases. Garlic powder is also used to control sugar levels in diabetic patients. It also controls cholesterol levels, is effective for various cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. Garlic powder or garlic is also effective in preventing the hardening of arteries.

Increasing food and flavor varieties and growing consumer preferences towards flavorful and spicy food are increasing the demand for garlic powder all over the world. Garlic powder has been used as a seasoning ingredient since years all over the world as it gives a good flavor to food. In India, garlic powder is an important kitchen ingredient used for seasoning various dishes. By considering these factors, one can expect that the garlic powder market would have good growth in the coming years all over the world.

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The biggest producer of garlic powder is China. The second major producer of garlic powder is India. Garlic powder is highly consumed in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East as it is used in different Indian & Middle Eastern cuisines to add a unique flavor to the food. In the Asia Pacific, garlic powders is used as a seasoning ingredient, spice, condiment, and for health care. In the Middle East and Central Asia, garlic powder has huge imports. In China, garlic powder is traditionally used as a medicine.

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