Enamel Coatings Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2026

Enamel coatings provide a hard and glossy finish. These are used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to variations in temperature. Most enamel coatings are alkyd resin-based. Some enamel paints have been made by adding varnish to oil-based paints. Powder coated surfaces are long-lasting and resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing. The coating offers a smooth layer and a unique coating thickness. It can withstand temperatures up to 350°C. The technology of enamel powder coating has wide range of application in cookers, microwave oven, bath tub, water heater, industry enamel product etc.

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Protective enamel coatings require the application of two layers of coats, namely primer and cover, which vary in composition and functional characteristics. Enameling of steel surfaces has been done for many years on different types of steel, depending on the final application of the enameled pieces. Enamel is a substantially vitreous or glassy inorganic coating bonded to a metal substrate by thermal fusion. It has many properties such as abrasion, wear and chemical resistance, high harness, brilliant colors, and incombustibility.

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Based on application, the enamel coatings market can be segregated into building & construction, furniture, steel, and glass. The building & construction segment dominates the market. Demand for residential housing and commercial housing has been rising in past few years. The real estate sector in China has been growing rapidly due to the increase in investment by the government. Use of enamel coatings in the furniture industry is also growing at the significant pace. Enamel coating is also used on wood to make it resistant to the elements via the waterproofing and rotproofing properties of enamel. Generally, treated surfaces last much longer and are much more resistant to wear than untreated surfaces. Epoxy enamel, Polyurethane Enamel are used in protective coating / industrial painting purpose in chemical and petrochemical industries for anti-corrosion purposes.

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