Stearic Acid Market Comprehensive Analysis and Future Estimations | 2019

Stearic acid is a waxy solid saturated fatty acid occurring in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, in the milk of several mammals and in other animal fats. Commercial stearic acid is a mixture of approximately equal amounts of stearic and palmitic acids and small amounts of oleic acid. It is mainly used in the manufacturing of detergents, cosmetics including shampoos and shaving products and soaps.
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The regions such as Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America are predicted to emerge as the fastest growing markets for stearic acid. The continual and rapid growth in the industries such as automotive, construction, cleaners and detergents in these regions is expected to drive the demand for stearic acid in the production of various applications products. Moreover, developed markets such as the North American and European economies are steadily recovering from the economic downturn and are anticipated to generate significant demand for stearic acid in the coming years. Due to the positive outlook across the world, the global stearic acid is predicted to record a strong growth in the near future.
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Some of  the key players in the stearic acid market are the Chemical Company, P&G Chemicals and VVF LLC among others. There are other small players involved in the manufacturing of stearic acid spread across various geographies.

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