Cellulose Acetate Fiber Market Global Industry Analysis, size, share and Forecast 2018-2026

Cellulose acetate fibers are man-made or synthetic fibers produced of cellulose acetate. These fibers are manufactured by treating high purity pulp or purified cotton fluff with acetic anhydride. Flakes which are produced through this process are then dissolved in a solvent to obtain spinning solution. Then the spinning stock solution is allowed to go through spinneret with small diameters, which ultimately gives rise to fine filaments of acetate. During the extrusion process the solvent gets evaporated in warm air, hence the entire process is known as dry spinning method. Based upon acetylation, cellulose acetate fibers can be classified as diacetate fiber and triacetate cellulose acetate fiber. In diacetate fiber the hydroxyl is acetylated in between 74% to 92%. If hydroxyl is acetylated more 92%, then the fiber is classified as triacetate fiber.

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Since these fibers are manufactured with the help of high purity pulp, the end product feels natural and gentle on the skin. Furthermore, these fibers have clearing coloring and elegant gloss due to it’s the low refractive index thus resembling like silk. Quick drying and ideal water absorption are also prime qualities of cellulose acetate fibers. Cellulose acetate fibers are widely used in home bedding & furnishings and women apparels. Home bedding & furnishings such as linin, upholstery, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, etc. are produced with the help of these fibers

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These fibers provide luxurious feel and appearance to the home fashion products and can be obtained in variety of colors and sheens. Excellent drapability and softness are also key characteristic of these fibers due to which they are used in draperies. Cellulose acetate fibers are also used for general purpose products such as gift box linings, tags and labels, sundry goods, packaging tapes and ribbons. Furthermore, triacetate fibers have soft texture and drapes fine, hence used in luxury fashion apparels.

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