Rectoscopes Market Opportunity Assessment and Forecast up to 2026

Rectoscopes are used for rectoscopy, a procedure that analyzes the rectum, anal cavity, and sigmoid colon. Rectoscope is a short, rigid, straight, and hollow metal tube that is inserted in the anal cavity for examination. A bulb is mounted at the tip of the rectoscope. The approximate length is 25 cm. During rectoscopy, the rectoscope is lubricated and inserted in the rectum, the camera on the tip of the rectoscope provides an extensive view of the internal part of the renal cavity. Both disposable and reusable rectoscopes are available. The hollow channel of the rectoscope is used to insert other instruments that help extract small amount of tissues for biopsy and examination under the microscope.

Rectoscopy is carried out to diagnose diseases in the anus or rectum, which includes cancer, ascertain the causes of bleeding from the rectum, diagnosis of hemorrhoids, and extract a sample of tissue for biopsy. Furthermore, the removal of polyps and other abnormal growth and monitoring of rectal cancer after surgery or treatment can also be carried out in rectoscopy. Key advantages of rectoscopy include improved detection, less procedure time, increased accessibility, and it is safer than conventional colonoscopy.

Rate of adoption of rectoscopes is rising at a steady pace, as they provide rapid diagnosis of diseases in the rectum. The global Rectoscopes Market is primarily driven by an increase in the prevalence of rectum diseases, such as hemorrhoids, ulceration, and colon cancer, and rise in the adoption of technologically advanced products. For instance, in 2015, 1.3% of adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases. Moreover, according to the American Cancer Society, in U.S., when men and women are considered individually, colorectal cancer is the third-most prominent cause of cancer-related mortality, and the second-most prominent cause when both sexes are combined.

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Additionally, increase in the geriatric population and advancements in health care facilities are expected to boost the global rectoscopes market in the next few years. However, a lack of trained physicians is expected to hinder the market during the forecast period. Nevertheless, government funding in emerging markets, high unmet needs, and low cost manufacturing destinations are expected to provide new opportunities to the rectoscopes market during the forecast period.

The global rectoscopes market can be segmented based on type, end-user, and region. Based on type, the rectoscopes market can be classified into adult and pediatric. Based on end-user, the global rectoscopes market can be divided into hospitals, clinics, and others.

Key players operating in the global rectoscopes market include BOB Technika Swiatlowodowa, Faromed Medizintechnik, Lamidey Noury Medical, Parburch Medical, PENTAX, Pauldrach Medical, Welch Allyn, Richard Wolf, and Rudolf Medical.

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