Benzylamine Market Growth, Trends, Absolute Opportunity and Value Chain 2018-2026

Benzylamine is an organic compound colorless liquid with strong odor of ammonia. Benzylamine is also found in apple. It consists of benzyl group attached to an amine functional group. Benzylamine is a common precursor in organic synthesis. It is found in a plant called Moringa oleifera, which is used to treat diabetes in traditional medicine. Benzylamine has the boiling point of 185°C. It can be produced by reaction between benzyl chloride and ammonia. Benzylamine has strong alkaline properties. It is totally soluble in water.

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Benzylamine is miscible in ethanol, diethyl ether, and acetone. Benzylamine is a masked source of ammonia. It is also called as N-benzylamine, monobenzylamine, benzene methanamine, phenyl methylamine, or aminotoluene. Benzylamine is considered a versatile intermediate for a variety of applications. Benzylamine and its derivatives are used as chemical intermediates in the production of textile auxiliaries, agrochemicals, dye stuff, pigments, amino acids, and other organic compounds. The wide range of applications in various end-user industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemicals, paints & coatings, textile, and animal health drives the demand for benzylamine.

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Based on end-user industry, the benzylamine market can be segmented into pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, paints & coatings, textile, chemical, and others. The paints & coatings segment can be sub-segmented into industrial coatings and transportation coatings. The chemical segment is expected to hold a prominent market share during the forecast period. It is used as a precursor in several chemical synthesis processes that are employed for deriving different chemical compounds. However, the pharmaceutical segment is anticipated to register a significant growth rate during the forecast period. Benzylamine is used as a building block for chemical synthesis; for example, in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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