Virtual Private Server: The Next Big Thing!

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine (VM) that runs its specific copy of an operating system (OS) placed in a computer. It is traded as a service by different internet hosting service providers. It operates autonomously from other virtual spaces that are on the same machine. VPS hosting is mostly preferred by enterprises that wish to upgrade from shared hosting due to the need for more resources and control over the website. VPS is also used in data centers as it eliminates power consumption, cooling, and availability concerns.

The virtual private server market is driven by the increasing emphasis of enterprises on secured hosting. Growing security concerns of enterprises against cybersecurity breaches is expected to drive the market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, evolution of virtualization is boosting the growth of the virtual private server market.The global virtual private server market is expected to grow prominently during the forecast period due to the rapidly growing demand for VPS due to its benefits such as shared cost of services and complete OS access. VPS helps in meeting varying business requirements, VPS can be scaled up and down easily by adding and reducing the resource

There is a considerable increase in the number of data breaches which needs to be avoided. VPS provides guaranteed dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage which is increasing its adoption among enterprises. Continuous spending by enterprises of all sizes on secured web hosting is the major factor which is expected to fuel the growth of the virtual private server market across the globe. Furthermore, rising adoption of virtualization which allows one server to be divided into multiple virtual servers is expected to boost the virtual private server market.

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Apart from this, the growth of theĀ marketĀ is mainly driven by the growing adoption of VPS over traditional web hosting. This is due to its various benefits such as shared cost of services and complete OS access. Furthermore, VPS hosting has fewer sites per server. These sites share cost of running on the server that results in lower monthly or yearly charge as compared to dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is expected to grow prominently for websites that need to tackle high web traffic and cannot endure small downtimes due to business purposes, for instance e-commerce sites.

Virtual private server providers are expanding their product portfolio through mergers and acquisitions which is providing them a larger customer base.The global virtual private server market includes different players such as Amazon Web Services, Inc., DreamHost, LLC, Endurance Group, GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC, Kamatera, Inc., OVH, Rackspace US, Inc., Savari Technologies Pvt. Ltd (MediaStroke), TekTonic, and United Internet AG.

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