New Shift in the Automotive Industry Seen with Growing Demand for Solar Powered Car

With the onset of the 21st century, researchers, scientists, and policymakers are emphasizing on minimizing the dependency on natural resources and shifting their focus on new and renewable resources. Solar energy is one of the sources of energy that is being widely used to meet the growing need from different areas. In the automotive sector, the demand for solar energy that helps in developing solar-powered cars is gaining attention on a large scale.

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Decreasing prices of solar panels, increasing initiatives taken by the government, and growing importance to reduce air pollution are some of the key drivers augmenting growth in the global solar-powered car market.

The demand for the solar-powered car is high among the green-minded consumers, who are willing to use the ecologically friendly vehicle for personal transportation. This factor has also pushed manufacturers in developing cars with solar panels. Reduce expenditure on fuel, preserving natural resources, and reduced toxic gas emission are some of the basic benefits of using the solar-powered car.

Besides, driving comfort is another significant add-on of using the solar-powered car. According to Elements Online Environment Magazine, electric motors are smaller than the equivalent gas engine in a solar-powered car. Additionally, noise and vibrations are also insignificant in the solar-powered car as compared to a conventional car and are also light in weight that results in faster during turning and stopping.

One of the latest example in the solar-powered car market is of Sono Motors. The company has recently collaborated with Bosch to offer a software-based solution and the Sion’s central control unit for its intelligent networking. The electric car equipped with solar integration is first of its kind to go into a series of production. The car is designed in a manner that provides maximum efficiency for the user and offers ride-, car- and power-sharing.

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