Growing Importance to Manage Multiple IT Operations Triggered Demand for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

With the rising technological wave across the nations and different sectors, the adoption of advanced technologies has increased drastically in the last couple of years. Understanding data collected from different sources, its analysis, and making the decision based on it is complex yet very important and crucial factor. Moreover, increasing adoption of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing has fueled the demand for artificial intelligence for IT operations. By deploying artificial intelligence in IT operations helps in augmenting efficiencies in operations that include consumer goods and retail, manufacturing, financial services, automotive, advertising, and government.

In the last couple of years, the demand for artificial intelligence for IT operations has grown subsequently mainly to meet the complexities arising from the digital transformation. The focal areas are:

  • Resolving Issues in Managing its Infrastructure – In this disruptive scenario, if companies use traditional approaches to managing such complexities, nothing great will be achieved from it. Therefore, to track and manage this complexity and to reduce human-made errors AIOps is required.

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  • Increasing Computing Power to the Edge of Network – As a result of data driven technologies and devices AI allows the businesses to migrate the computation from network to the peripheral devices. This, in turn, allows the businesses to overcome the challenge of calibrating the devices with respect to the business model.
  • Exponential Rise in Data Outgrowing the Limit Manageable by IT Ops – There is huge growth in the number of alerts and events due to increasing emphasis on performance monitoring. Moreover, service ticket function also increases due to increase in IoT devices, mobile applications, APIs, and digital or machine users, which makes manual reporting and analysis more difficult an tedious. In such situations, artificial intelligence for IT operations will act as a savior and result in providing a better outcome.

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