Body Dryer Market 2019 – 2027 Future Demand Analysis, Opportunity and Market Overview

A body dryer works as a type of air dryer that eliminates the need for a bath towel. Body dryers are used after a shower to blow warm air onto the body, making the body completely dry. The body dryer has a pod located on the underside of the top of the dryer which intakes the air that blows out. The pod works due to a fan, a heating element, and a motor situated inside the pod. A body dryer can easily create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. The global body dryer market is anticipated to see significant growth during the forecast period due to increase in disposal income, change in lifestyle, and strong competition in the hospitability sector.

Body Dryer Market- Competitive Landscape

Full Body Dryer LLC

Marcus Forrester introduced a new and innovative way to dry the body using a body dryer instead of a bath towel. The company targeted spas, sports centers, private homes, gyms, hotels, home builders, and pools for selling the body dryer.

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Haystack Dryers

Incorporated in 2000, Haystack Dryers is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of body dryers. Its portfolio includes water parks, theme parks, resorts, hotels, spas, leisure centers, and gyms among others. In 2016, the company won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise which is the U.K’s highest accolade for business success.


Founded in 2009, Valiryo offers solutions to industrial segments and consumers. In 2015, the company designed, developed, and manufactured an automated full-body drying device. By the end of 2018, Valiryo started its first joint venture in Germany in order to build up local sales. The brand of Valiryo has presence in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Scandinavia, and Slovakia.

Regal Care Shower Trays Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience, Regal Care is a well known company offering a wide range of disabled and independent living products throughout the U.K.. The company offers an opportunity for end-users to test products such as automatic WC’s, stretchers, rise and fall baths, rise and wall wash basins, and body dryers.


Since 1984, Kingkraft manufactures baths, sinks, and toileting solutions with finite details. The company employs healthcare professionals who work with customers to help understand and overcome the difficulties faced by users and their families when choosing major equipment.

The other key players in the market are Tornado Body Dryer, Avant Innovations, Indiegogo, Dolphy India Private Limited, Orchids International, and many others.

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Body Dryer Market Dynamics

Better lifestyle of consumers has shifted their preference toward premium products such as body dryers. Also, a body dryer enhances convenience especially for disabled people, which make the appliance a necessity for sanitation. Personal hygiene products are increasingly favored, thereby boosting the growth of the body dryers market. However, the high cost of the product limits its adoption. Moreover availability of substitute products such as disposable towels, wipes, and cloth towels hampers the growth of the body dryer market.

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