Air Bearings Market to Reach ~ US$ 14 Bn by 2027

Air Bearings Market: Introduction

Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the global air bearings market. In terms of revenue, the global air bearings market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~ 7% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, regarding which, TMR offers thorough insights and forecasts in the air bearings market report.

In air bearings, the balls are replaced by a cushion of air. The most common application of air bearings is the hovercraft. Large fans blow underneath the hovercraft and the air is trapped under a flexible rubber ‘skirt’. This cushion not only supports the craft’s weight but also acts as a soft spring, which allows it to smoothly float over water or land. A similar principle is used by air bearings, where high pressure air is fed into the gap between stationary bearings and a rotational shaft. The gap is very small – around 1/100 of a millimetre, allowing the air pressure to be maintained within the bearing.

In this global air bearings market report, TMR predicts that, the aerostatic segment is expected to have a prominent share of ~ 56% in the global air bearings market, which was valued at US$ 4.3 Bn in 2018, and is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~ 7% from 2019 to 2027. Aerostatic bearings are preferred over the aerodynamic type, owing to their features such as high speed and higher acceleration during its operation.

This bearing can also support its entire designed load at zero speed. Aerostatic bearings can be used with low heat with accurate rotation. Additionally, aerostatic bearings are less rigid and are easier to handle smaller load capacities. Aerostatic bearings are useful in multiple applications such as micro-positioning, machining, and grinding that require frictionless superior performance at zero speed.

air bearings market segmentation

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Air bearings are commonly used to support linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) cores to improve reliability and reduce gauging forces. Aerostatic bearings do not suffer from friction-induced wear, and additionally, they have no starting and stopping friction. Aerostatic bearings are popularly used in grinding, machining, and micro positioning applications, where full performance at zero speed and the absence of friction is extremely vital.

Air Bearings Market: Prominent Regions

North America held the second-largest share in the air bearings market, accounting for 29.9% of the overall industry in 2018. Technological advancements and the flourishing automotive industry in this region are primarily driving the air bearings market. The industry competition for air bearings is high, and investment and technology thresholds in this industry are relatively high. The demand for air bearings for industrial machinery is also expected to be highly stimulated by rising global manufacturing activity, which helps increase associated fixed investment expenditures. The dominance of the automotive industry over the years in the U.S has resulted in a rise in the demand for air bearings. Moreover, investments in research and development have also led to the strong growth of the automotive and space aviation industry in the U.S.

Asia Pacific dominates the air bearings market, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 8%. The region accounted for a 34.1% share of the overall air bearings market in 2018. Growth in the Asia Pacific market is attributed to expansion of the aviation industry and rapid industrialization in the region. Manufacturers of air bearings that are required for the steel industry are concentrated in Japan, Europe, China, and North America. China is the largest manufacturer of bearings for the steel industry, followed by Europe and North America.

Air Bearings Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global air bearings market include Air Bearings Ltd., APG-Neuros, Bladon Jets, Capstone Turbine Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., Hovair Systems Inc., IBS Precision Engineering, LAB Motion Systems, Specialty Components Inc., SKF, Seagull Solutions Inc., R&D Dynamics Corporation, PI Nelson Air Corp, OAV Air Bearings, Mohawk Innovative Technology Inc., and Leuven Air Bearings NV.

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