VCI Films Market Growth, Key Opportunities, Trends And Forecast 2018-2026

VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor. The molecules present inside VCI films inhibit corrosion. VCI films are available as mono and co-extruded films, cast and blown stretch films, shrink and bubble films. VCI films provide effective corrosion protection to a wide variety of metals. Metal parts are protected by VCI films through direct contact and vapor action. VCI films are easy to use and are suitable for both manual and automatic packaging. Metals covered with VCI films do not need additional cleaning and degreasing. VCI films can be customized according to consumers’ specific needs and can be printed in any specific color. VCI films are used in single wound sheeting, tubing, center fold sheeting, flat gusseted bags, case liners and covers, elasticated bags and lock-tip-bags/zipper bags.

These VCI films are designed to protect multi metals from corrosion during manufacturing, storage and transit. VCI films provide long-term protection from corrosion for metals, such as brass, copper, bronze, iron & steel, nickel, tin, zinc and zinc galvanized. VCI films are also suitable for military packaging. VCI shrink films are UV stable and are available in wide widths for covering large parts and equipment. VCI films are high in demand for storage and transportation of metal parts owing to their excellent clarity and cling property. The VCI films market is being driven by the various properties of VCI films. For instance, VCI films are strong, flame retardant, shrinkable, cross-laminated, UV stabilized and have anti-static properties.

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VCI films are designed in such a way that their basic properties remain effective even when they are not in contact with the metal. As VCI films are transparent in nature, the spot check no longer requires the packaging to be opened. VCI films ensure continuance of long-lasting corrosion inhabitance protection. Increasing production of heavy machines and their parts is expected to boost the demand for VCI films for packaging, storage and transportation of metal parts. VCI films are setting new standards of occupational health and safety for the packaging industry and are safe to be used in any format.

VCI films are also certified safe for direct contact with both metal and food. VCI films are capable of protecting products, workers and even the environment. For instance, MetPro’s latest invention is BioTect, a VCI film that is recyclable, nitrite and amine free. VCI films are catering to the increasing demand from industries, including automotive and locomotive, electronics, heavy plant machinery and equipment, military applications, aerospace, export-import packaging, contract packaging and other industrial applications. Metal parts are no longer required to be oiled before packaging as when packed in VCI films, metal parts are ready to use as soon they are unpacked. Rise in VCI packaging technology across various countries is expected to drive the growth of the global VCI films market. VCI packaging technology is available in different forms, such as film, foam, paper, emitter, powder and liquid.

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VCI films are being increasingly used in the U.S. for the transportation of huge metal machinery parts. Emerging economies, such as China, India Indonesia and South Korea, will provide huge growth opportunities for the growth of the global VCI films market. Germany and UK are expected to show positive growth in the global VCI films market due to the massive and progressive automobile industry in these countries. The U.S. is estimated to register highest share in the global VCI films market during the forecast period.

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